2000 Series

for compostable paper applications

Natur-Tec® 2000 series is a biobased and compostable polymer resin compound designed to replace conventional plastic materials for
extrusion coating applications. Our 2000 series resins are engineered for high performance and can be easily processed on conventional manufacturing equipment while offering energy savings due to much lower processing temperatures.

Natur-Tec® resins are certified fully compostable according to the stringent requirements of international standards for compostable plastics, including ASTM D6400, EN13432, and ISO 17088, and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics.


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  • 100% compostable, and meets requirements of ASTM D6400 and EN13432
  • Up to 95% biobased as measured by ASTM D6866 and EN16785
  • Approved for direct food contact and contains no heavy metals
  • Engineered specifically for high-heat resistance applications such as cutlery and food service packaging
  • A total platform solution from a supply chain you can trust

2000 Series Grades - Extrusion Coating Grade

The 2000 Series is engineered for peak performance with improved melt strength, reduced neck-in during extrusion and flexibility to be downgauged. This innovative compound formulation allows for seamless processability on existing polyethylene coating lines, enhancing operational capabilities.

Natur-Tec® BF2001

Grade Specific Features

  • Provides excellent adhesion to paper
  • Offers an exceptional print surface with good heat seal strength
  • Can be coated at lower thicknesses of less than 25 gm (20 microns)
  • Excellent processing performance on cup making machines used for LDPE
    coated board
  • Proven on both thermal and high speed ultrasonic sealing machines
  • Suitable for food contact including hot and cold applications
  • Compostable and made with up to 83% biobased content


  • Disposable cups
  • Paper plates
  • Divided paper plates
  • Clamshells
  • Pouches
Paper products that are coated with Natur-Tec's 2000 resin series.

2000 Series Documents and Performance Data

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