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Film Extrusion

Natur-Tec® BF703B is a fully compostable biopolymer resin designed specifically for flexible film applications such as compostable liners, mulch film, shopper bags, and more.


Injection Molding

Natur-Tec® BF3002HT is a platform of high-performance, biobased and compostable polymer resin compounds made with modified Ingeo™​ grade PLAs. This platform of resin compounds is specifically engineered for applications where high-heat performance and/or dimensional stability are critical such as food service packaging, garment industry packaging, and agricultural clips.


Extrusion Coating

Natur-Tec® BF3001J is 100% biobased and compostable polymer resin compound designed to replace conventional plastic materials for extrusion coating applications. Natur-Tec extrusion coating resins provide good adhesion to paper, an excellent print surface and good heat seal strength. This coating material is suitable for food contact applications including both hot and cold applications.

compostable cup

Profile Extrusion

Natur-Tec® BF703B-55 is a fully compostable biopolymer resin designed specifically for profile extrusion applications such as straws.


Zero-Waste Solutions

Natur-Tec® manufactures Natur-Bag® compostable liners and Natur-Ware® biobased and compostable cutlery.  If you want to learn more about these products, zero-waste, and more, visit Natur-Bag.com


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