Sustainability, For All


That means developing innovative technologies and products that address climate change, use renewable materials, and enable sustainable waste management while maintaining the highest performance and processability.


Natur-Tec®’s research and development teams work tirelessly to deliver innovative technologies and products that integrate into the Circular Economy and Zero-Waste efforts. Our resin platforms are engineered to be easily processed on standard processing equipment making it easier than ever to produce sustainable products.


It’s what we do. We help our clients and partners meet their sustainability goals with biobased and compostable solutions and products. All Natur-Tec® technologies and products are designed with your success in mind.

Committed To Sustainability


Our technologies and products address climate change, support waste management, and our industry expertise allows us to educate our partners and end users on the positive environmental impacts of Natur-Tec® products.

Climate Change

There is no doubt the global climate is changing. Increasing ocean temperatures, melting glaciers, and frequent, more devastating storms, accompanied by ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions serve as evidence of our impact on the planet. At Natur-Tec® we’re committed to developing sustainable plastics that directly address climate change and lessen negative environmental impacts associated with plastic packaging, especially with increasing concerns about plastics waste in the environment.

Product Safety

Natur-Tec® products are compliant to all relevant ASTM and EN standards for compostable plastics. All our formulations and products are made from safe and sustainably sourced materials and manufactured in a captive supply chain. This delivers the highest quality products and ensures compliance with important regulations such as RSL. Natur-Tec® products do not contain polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS), or heavy metals.

Education + Expertise

At Natur-Tec®, we’re a team of industry experts and master chemists. Our thorough understanding of biopolymer chemistries allows us to utilize various biobased and compostable polymers in our proprietary formulations. Whether it’s PLA (polylactic acid), PBS (polybutylene succinate), or PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), our focus is developing and producing sustainable solutions that offer excellent performance and processability. Furthermore, we apply our in-depth industry expertise to educate our partners on sustainability and the circular economy. Natur-Tec® sustainable plastics and packaging solutions allow our customers to operationalize their sustainability goals into tangible initiatives. We give you the power to make a difference, and our educational efforts will show you how.

Waste Management

All Natur-Tec® products and technologies are certified compostable, and compliant with relevant ASTM and EN standards for compostable plastics. Our products integrate into the circular economy and support sustainable waste management practices such as organics diversion and material reduction.